well. Tali-band played on the 15th of august 2002
in the UWA tav as part of that years NCBC
the band consisted of
Alex Jenkins
Matthew Johnston
Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd
Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd
Richard Watson, and
Daniel Lie.....

in summary, we got worked by the judges.

and there are some photos


here is what they had to say about us. It made us laugh.

area score judge1 judge2 judge3
Origionality 48/90 Crossing Genres can sometimes lift a bands statue. Unfortuntaly you've succeded in ruining what little of the genere you tried to perform I have never heard anything like this before. I'm not convinced i ever want to again work on the poppy electro keyboard sound, mabey sing like a robot or something(put some effects ont he vocals)
MusicianShip 26/90 Less Keyboards , Get a Bass (this is funk isn't it?). The sound was, well, waaaaaaaaay too "white". Seperatly, perhaps. Together, no. Just no. work on working togther as a group more mabey good to see the lack of solos. you guys seemed to get a cohesive sound despite having 3 keyboards
Stage Presentation 20/60 Where are the fucking ragheads? I thought this was the Tali-band! Also the drag queen needed more facial hair. At Least you encouraged audience participation. you didn't live up to your name. maybe you should have blown up something too much looking at each other. the lead vocalist lacked energy. you seemed to just stand around looking bored
Audience response 15/30 The kids will clap at anything polite umm, a little disapointing. i was waiting for it to end
Recording Viability 8/30 I hope not. you're the reason untalented white people shouldn't be allowed to purchase musical instruments. at this point in your career, absolutly, unequivicaly not a chance in hell. Sorry but its tough love take some drugs and don't sleep for a weekand squeeze out some whackye electro pop
Total Score 117/300 I won't lie to you. i hated this. Joining forces with the 'lonley asparagus' guys wasn't a good idea either man, you guys were whiter than Brian Austin Green. Confusing also. I was confused the band name was misleading.. i was hopeing for some really offensive lyrics. But then again it was offensive anyway

well.. there you go
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