Using an OLED 0.96" SSD1306 I2C Display

eBay has heaps of intersting little electronics widgets. Searching for Arduino will bring up loads of cool parts helpfully mounted on breakout boards for you o use for less than $10. I came across these I2C 0.96" 128x64 OLED displays at ~$5 each. Since i wasn't broke, i was tempted, and bought a couple.

This page has the rev 1.1 Datasheet for the SSD1306

The Rev 1.1 part is important. Adafruit has a datasheet, but it misses one small and mildly important step, which is *turning on the voltage booster*.

Not turning on the voltage booster means that the display runs, and appears to be functional, but nothing is shown. Which can be a bit frustrating.

This page: I2C_OLED_Panel was the page that provided the clue, but it's based around running with arduino commands.

Initial Testing

the first step when using any new gadget is to do some initial testing, which generally means turning it on. I was able to get the "random RAM contents" display by doing the following: (The following is a list of bus pirate commands to sent to the display)

after the display is enabled, you'll probably see a random assortment of dots that are on, based on the RAM contents...

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