I don't really want to talk to you about my web page as i have been way too busy to write anything... also, why would i want to tell YOU anything about myself.. i have no idea who you are.. you could be sadam Hussain or Lucifer or someone else of a similar bent. so there...

i also have no idea about what to put here... so its a bit all over the place....

tis evil!
the dodgy pics of me
to provide some more interesting stuff about my page... besides the really strange pics of me... here is a listing of my machines, potential machines and their OS's and stuff

name Specifications OS Uses comments image
Evil celeron 366, 64MB ram, 1.5GBmb hdd(s), 4 ethernet cards Debian Linux 2.4.18 Firewall, ytalk center, samba browsing , poormans switch called evil cause it just seemed not to install. it was then finaly traced to bad ram after about 10hours spent swearing and cursing, assisted by matt/mesh none atm
mangle DecSystem 5000/50, MIPS R4000 processor, 40Mb ram, 1Gb HDD, 17" moniter, AUI network interface netBSD 1.5.2 housekeeping for the system, running remote X from uni this box was kindly given to me by someone, and it all works fine! none atm
lithium Athlon 550mHz(slot A), 384MB ram,30gig(total) HDD, 10/100 netgear ethernet, 17"moniter Windows 98,(its for the games... really....) games and stuff umm the first comp i got.. i've had it for over a year and still runs... it still seems to go well none atm
Plasma Celeron 667Mhz, 322MB Ram, 20GB Hdd, 17" moniter Linux 2.2.20 (can't remeber) testing alsa stuff, coding, bit'o this n' that not a lot to say. mainly used to test sound stuff in linux with alsa.. none atm
gofotron amdahl EnVista server big-box thingy, quad Pentium Pro 200Mhz's(quad capable mobo) 2xhot swappable scsi hdd's(4.3Gb), 256 Mb ecc ram,10/100 ethernet card linux 2.2.19 not quite sure yet.. only just got it got it at an auction on 13th of Oct. 2001. not quite sure why i got it.. but hey .. lookat it! its BIG and stuff... :) its named after a character in Sluggy Freelance someday

Perth Freenet cool wireless stuff

Check out the UCC web page.