finally. i have decided to do some projects. a bit crazy, i know but hey.

DIY Synthisiser

the first thing i am nearing completion is an AVR controlled wavetable oscilator. ( well, as of 22/04/2004 )
there isn't too much done on it so far, just a rough schematic but more will be coming once i start breadboarding it.

here is the links to the places that i am getting the Circuits and schematics for making the synth, DIY style from. however, the Digital Oscillator will have to be designed by me, so once i finish the design i will put it and a PCB plan and code for the microcontroller here.

Wavetable oscillator the wavetable oscillator will also involve a Midi to Pitch converter. its based on a Derivitave of the Digidesign VCDO, which can be found ,, here..
my version is going to have the avr generating the waveforms and outputting them to the DAC, with a gate output and a sync input. plus some knobs to do stuff with. i have some ideas for them, but im not to sure yet.
the VCF the VCF is an MS20 style clone from Synths'r'us
who have the schematic here
here is is
the STEINER vcf is also an option as it seems rather versitile while still being relativly simple. has some good info on these type of filters

here are some links, some electrnic, some not
the links page